Features - Bardo

The big picture and the details.

Simple Time-Tracking for every need

It doesn’t matter if you are a rough time-tracker or want your times super-detailed.
Bardo understands and helps with both. This way time-tracking fits for everyone.

Flexible: Records & Tasks

Records can be loose things you have done, and can get tied together to a Task afterwards.

Track everywhere

Easily just track your time or manage projects from wherever you are in the app.


Gain a quick overview of all your time you spend on multiple projects.

Get better at estimating

Bardo will evaluate your estimation and warn you if it is too ambitious.

Better Estimations, less stress & more money

Create estimations for yourself or your customers.
The Bardo Community will help you to get the best estimation possible.

From Junior to Senior

The community is here to help with years of experience.

Know every step

Don't forget anything, Subtasks show you how much work is involved.

Ask and get answers

Bardo is here to help you with all your questions.

Save time, money and nerves

Being mindful is hard when you are lost in work, Bardo helps you to predict the effort.

What's planned

Bardo is built for the needs of its users. That's why I listen closely to your needs.

Integrations & Imports

Harvest, Toggl, Jira or any other app. We'll provide a way to import your data.


Depending on your needs, Bardo can help you with invoicing.

Project Templates

Based on the community experience you can set up projects with estimated tasks and subtasks.