Remove uncertainty, build great products.

Remove Blockers. Make your team's work visible. Ship Faster.
Bardo helps with forecasting and benchmarking for product and engineering teams.
Works with


Use Bardo to plan your work.
Before you start planning.


Compare work and teams.
Know the past to predict the future.

Report & Communicate

Ask the right questions.
Get answers instead of confusion.

Tired of Guesstimating? Get powerful Recommendations
Predict the future. Get Recommendations for future tasks based on your past.
Bardo gets smarter with every task you start or complete.
Ask and get answers.
Write better code, tasks and documentation. Or let Bardo AI explain complex problems in an easy way.
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Avoid Bottlenecks
See who’s blocked. Rebschedule when necessary.
Who’s working on what again?
Keep your team calm. Immediately see which team members have too much work on their plate.
Projects at a glance
Get a quick overview over the status and progress of your projects.
Connect the dots between tools
Using Linear and GitHub Projects? No problem. Bardo can combine the relevant metrics for you in one view.
Ship faster
Smaller Pull Requests mean less code that’s potentially stale or smaller implications. We all know how tricky it is to remember what you did before the meeting three weeks ago, right?
Keep moving with ‘Ship Metrics’
Ship Metrics show you how long it takes you to merge Pull Requests and close issues.
Works the way you work
Seamlessly integrate Bardo with your existing toolchain and gain insights
to ship faster and remove fiction and scope-creep.